(Submission for Trijam 122, with themes "Transformation" and "Micro things)

You are a blobby micro-organism in a petri dish gobbling up others to transform into a better you.  Unfortunately, someone else has the same idea.


Use [ arrow keys ] or [ WASD ] to gobble up other micro-organisms.  If you get stuck press [ M ] to return to the level select menu.

If you eat enough, you will transform into a more beautiful version of yourself.  (Check the green gauge at left.)

Unfortunately, your petri dish is also occupied by a purple blob.  He will gladly gobble the other available bugs before you get to them.  And beware: he has two special tricks.  He will hold you back if he catches you.  And he can go through black barriers in later levels, whereas you must go around.  Very unfair!

Keep in mind that as you eat more you will also get larger and more sluggish.  Plan accordingly.

Use headphones for the best experience!


This is the fourth Trijam (three-hour game jam) submission by a team of 12-year-old twins and their dad.

We did a much brainstorming, planning and spec'ing up-front, to help us execute the jam efficiently.  Once we have consensus and clarity on what we are doing, we break off, start the timer, and put our heads down.  It's always a delightful surprise to see how our teammates creatively interpret the idea, and have it all come together in the last hour!


We are grateful to the open source community for making these projects possible by providing such amazing tools and assets for free!

Our team is:

C. Haine (12), is head of Engineering.  He did all the coding using Scratch 3.  https://scratch.mit.edu.  He had composed the original music prior to this Trijam, using Soundtrap. http://soundtrap.com

K. Haine (12), leads the Visual Design department.  She designed all the artwork using Krita, except for the 3D scene which she composed in Blender.  https://www.blender.org

P. Haine (>12), runs the Audio department.  He arranged C. Haine's original music in Logic Pro X.  He also edited sound effects using Audacityhttps://www.audacityteam.org

• The 3D assets for pen, pencil and ruler from https://sketchfab.co.

• Most sound effects originated from https://freesound.org and were edited with Audacity

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